Adam Temple
Animator-Story Artist
Apt. 824 – 295 Dufferin Rd, Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3G2

        Interested in fulltime and freelance opportunities with a focus on story and design. Open to storyboarding, concept design, animation, design, and bg/layout.

 Skills and Qualifications
I specialize in traditional aspects of the animation and illustration pipeline including: Storyboarding, animation, layout, painting, illustration and design
Experienced in Photoshop, Flash, Harmony, Sketchbook Pro, and Maya (least)

Bachelor of Applied Arts Animation                                                                  2005-2009 
Sheridan Institute, Oakville Ontario                                                              
Bachelor of Fine Arts, completed 1st year                                                             2003-2004                                            University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.                                         

Work Experience 
Currently a freelance animator for Titmouse on “Motorcity”                        Sep 2011 - present
Currently working on an independent comic with writers, Scott and Brian Kurtz           - present
Freelance design – clients include Spinmaster, House of Cool                       Oct 2011 - present
Designed for House of Cool - designed concepts for TV and feature film          June – Sep 2011
Interned in storyboarding at House of Cool                                                              - April 2011
Animated at House of Cool - Animated characters and effects       June - Aug 2010 & 2011
Animated at Elliott Animation on “Stoked” - character animation.          Aug 2009 - July 2010
Designed concepts for pitches at Elliott Animation                                                              2009

 Other Experience 
Travelled through Central and South America for 7 months - picked up a little Spanish
Worked on oil rigs in Western Canada throughout University


Ben Kalina
Production Manager - Titmouse Animation  323-466-7800

Ricardo Curtis
Owner - House of Cool
George Elliott
Owner - Elliott Animation