I'm currently finishing up the first season of Motorcity, from I'll have a new reel when they tell me I can start posting my rough animation!

Adam Temple Demo Reel '10 from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

My Demo Reel consists of my work from Elliott Animation and my Grad film. I did all the character animation in the shots from Stoked, and everything in everything else!

Adumu from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

My fourth year project/Grad film.
"A young R.U.F. boy discovers the true meaning of 'being a man' through an encounter with a young Masai warrior...and a lion."

I animated a few sequences from the pilot of Gravity falls which I still haven't been able to post. I figure as soon as it airs I'll add them to my reel.
Shop TV from Adam Temple on Vimeo.

This was the segment of the Dunce Bucket pilot that I handled. I did everything from boards to final render. I was given the audio and that was it! Very fun. It was the very first time I'd used Flash, so also a great learning experience.  Note: The "puke" stream was a re-used effect.

This is that opening sequence I did the rough boards on @ House of Cool.
And the HP Commercials I animated on. I did a lot of the Mr. Lebron in his athletic gear, and a couple ensemble shots.

GOOD TO BE THE KING     (s01 ep1.1) from Citizen Ido on Vimeo.

In The Action  (15 second spot) from Citizen Ido on Vimeo.

Singing LeBrons  (30 second spot) from Citizen Ido on Vimeo.